Whipped Coconut Cream

Renewal and healthy challenges. That’s what’s happening at my house. My husband has been on a cleanse and elimination diet. That has meant no baking and no sugar…ugh. But, in all honesty I find it always enlightening to learn about and try new and healthy food and recipes.

This morning I came across a video for coconut whipped cream on livestrong.com. https://youtu.be/_nvc3_I1HC4

I know, in my tidbits, I said that the verdict was still out about coconut and it kind of is, especially coconut oil. But on the defense of coconut it does have a lot of healthy properties.

So, here it is a video on how to make coconut whipped cream. It’s easy and looks delicious. A dollop or two on top of a bowl of fresh berries or a smoothie or a slice of pie, it’s perfect for the season that’s upon us. Be creative and enjoy!


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