Christmas Breakfast

It’s Christmas Eve! Christmas music is playing and baking and cooking is in full swing. Comforting, warm and delicious aromas fill the air.

Usually we have a special breakfast on Christmas morning but Christmas falls on Sunday this year, so our traditional breakfast is today. Tomorrow is church and rightfully so, this is when we celebrate the birth of our Savior. This is such an exciting and joyous time of year. I love Christmas!

Happy Holidays!



Our breakfast menu today consisted of…Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes, yum, hash brown potatoes, spinach omelet and cranberries.  It was a feast for a king and queen and their loyal pup.


Pumpkin pancakes…I love to cook from scratch, but sometimes, if I can find a treat that is as healthy, easy and delicious as homemade, well I’m in. Trader Joe’s gluten free pumpkin pancake mix was an amazing find. It’s seasonal, so we stock up. A box of this little treasure is a great gift for friends and family who are gluten free. They love it and are so excited with the gift.

This morning we had cranberries with our pancakes. It was absolutely delicious. Not as sweet as fruit spread but just the right amount of tartness and with a drizzle of real maple syrup, it was perfectly scrumptious.

Hash Browns…

Our hash browns this morning were by Alexia. I know, they were frozen, but in my defense, we have been shoveling out of almost a foot of snow between yesterday and this morning. But we added Chef Shake seasoning and Fajita Seasoning by Spice Hunter which makes them taste like homemade.

If making from scratch we use small red potatoes. Wash and peel (peeling is an option) chop into small squares, season and lightly oil. They can be roasted in the oven at 350° degrees for about 30 minutes or you can cook them in a skillet on medium heat until tender.

Now for the Omelet…3 eggs and 1 egg white whisked until frothy. Pour into a skillet, seasoned just lightly with a little grape seed oil, on medium heat and cover. Just before turning the egg top with a handful of spinach and flip omelet. Turn off heat and cover until ready to eat.

Add salsa, avocado, tomato or mushrooms.  Garnish with grapes, a sprig of rosemary, basil leaf, spinach leaves, cilantro or parsley. Whatever you like or have on hand. My husband added spinach pesto, that we had left over from the stuffed chicken breasts we had made the night before and he loved it!  I’m sure whatever you choose, it will be amazing and delicious!



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